finding beautiful, natural, and artisan goods

For over a decade —via content marketing, sports modeling, photography, photo styling, and graphic design— FOUND Natural Goods’ CEO & Founder, Jacqueline Smith, has showcased the unique beauty and value of commercial products for local, national, and international brands. Today and since 2015, Found Natural Goods has been her sole focus.

As a kiddo growing up in rural Central Oregon, gathering thunder eggs, juniper berries, and obsidian arrowheads was a pastime that naturally evolved into general aesthetic. Pairing that feeling with sustainability was the next step in sourcing artists and progressive products free from packaging, utilizing glass or upcycling materials. From there, Found Natural Goods was born online and now, downtown Bend, Oregon next to The Pine Tavern and Bend Brewing Company.

Contact FOUND Natural Goods about custom orders, collaborations or professional inquiries. We also have a FOUND FAQ Page to help get you your answer faster, as we are a small team.



"It became quickly apparent that when I'm in a certain location, there's always something to come home with that's quintessential of that place. Finding The Best something wherever I am has become my mission." -Jacq


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