The Lovely Loloma Lodge, McKenzie Bridge, Ore.

by Jacqueline Smith

This place is a dream. A lovely one. 

I've spent the past couple weeks around the Loloma Lodge (Lolo) property on the McKenzie River capturing the grounds before it becomes the next commercially-published destination resort of Oregon. I already feel as though I have a second home on the lush side of the Cascades––minutes from HooDoo to ski before and after a stay (think, "Thrifty Thursdays" for an extended weekend of badassery).  

Lolo's earthy, rustic charm is getting an overdue update––slowly and intentionally, not to become anything it's not––but documenting its current state almost felt like an editorial project. Even so, my eye tends to primarily find colors, lines, and textures as you can see in the images below. 

With its new owners full of vision and energy, Lolo is on it's way to a broader audience. It brings me ear-to-ear to imagine the influx of people that are about to experience the natural magic of this place married with the young minds and ideas of today. It's the ultimate project in my book. I cannot wait to see and share the harmonious result of technology meeting the wilderness. 

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