Time on the Baja California Sur, México

by Jacqueline Smith

This is when I become especially sappy and romantic --even more than normal–– traveling to warm places tugs at my heart. Quickly, I enter the kind of mental state that I adore my own self most in. Yes, I adore myself. At times. Times when I'm really funny. When I climb a 5.10 route. When I can tap into an inner-creative-happy place. When I'm warm and sun-kissed all over. (Intense, long mid-day beach runs releasing dopamine and adrenaline may also play a small part.)

My digital camera has been solely used for "business purposes" until this southern trip. Only film was for playing and capturing textures! Not this round. I brought one Canon L series lens and had no direction, plan, or intent. How fun and simple is that?

Here's a textural, even sometimes blurry reel of landscape moments I loved in Baja. There are quite a few cactus snaps because I volunteered to do some yard work duties in the desert –– a new appreciation for prickly plants was found. Next time I'm bringing leather gardening gloves!