Photo Series: Non-Graffiti Graffiti

by Jacq Smith

When I lived in Minneapolis (MPLS), I found delight in seeing what was once graffiti, and is now, well––still graffiti. The non-graffiti was everywhere, and is in most cities as we've all seen.  

Personally, I enjoy it so much because the act of covering up graffiti becomes abstract art––almost––open to interpretation in it's random and unplanned shapes and colours. 

Even though the point in covering up graffiti is to limit peoples expressions and maintain uniformity, I think it actually does the opposite of that. A wall becomes more interesting with added shapes and colours without a blatant message almost becoming a collaborative mural. 

Not all these images are taken in MPLS, one is from a tiny village somewhere in Nayarit, Mexico, and another from San Francisco.