I Actually Like Florida!

Who would have guessed a PNW-born gal like myself could fall so damn hard for the Southern style? What we hear about Floridians on this side of the country isn't always the most flattering news, and it turns out there's so much more to the state than I, and most people, ever knew!

We started in half-dressed sexy MIA, off to the flat and liberal Gainesville sprinkled in nightmarish creatures, fresh and white sanded Casey Key on the Gulf, then to historic St. Augustine and Jacksonville on the Atlantic side you could eat your way through. What a diverse, fun, poisonous-animal but oh, so tasty state you are, Florida. It's all that and more that got me. Or maybe it's that Southern drawl? All those, "darlin's" and "sweet child's" can make your heart melt several times a day. 

I've had a lot of rad trips, adventures, and experiences but this one ––a road trip around the northern part of Florida–– takes the gold. It may even beat rock climbing in Queensland, New Zealand, skiing powder in Nagano, Japan, or even infinite glacier views of Alberta, Canada from camp. Perhaps it was the company? This Florida-raised man I met is a pretty remarkable tour guide and we both really, really enjoy food, the hot sun, and a strong tequila on the rocks with lime (cue nickname; Dreamboat).

Here are a few photos to flip through for a sense of the trip. Not pictured: fried green tomatoes, raw oysters, conch fritters, margaritas, seafood festivals, houses on STILTS, FIREFLIES!, sandy butts, a group of Pelican's trying to eat a puffer fish and failing, Cuban coffee, new friends, truck problems, a boat ramp full of entertainment, hot sauce galore, morning beach runs, and so much love! 

Here's an "outtake" reel of iPhone shots for a few smiles: