Photo Series: Looking Up MPLS

by Jaq Smith

Ever moved to a new city, where you know no-one, in the middle of the harshest winter on record in 10 years (2009/2010), and you're on your last dime? Wait, to relate you need to be introverted and be described by others as 'arty' in past years. If yes, then you also probably walk around new places with your camera around your neck–– or your phone in-hand at all times ––snapping away at the new shapes, colors, forms, textures. 

I have to say, I wasn't aware of the art culture when I landed in Minneapolis. And, I miss it! Here are a few quick shots I took while wearing out my knock-off "leather oxfords" from NYC. (Life tip: invest good money in good shoes.)  

These were all apart of my then-Tumblr called Looking Up MPLS that helped me land an agency gig. (Second life tip: show your work.) Heads up, these were several iPhone generations back!